Lovely Kukreja, a visual development artist with 14+ years of work experience in Visual Art Development, Concept Arts, Character and Background Designs. Hands on experience with Sketching, Conceptulization, Art Direction & Content Development are his core abilities.

He has been successfully running his studio ‘White Mice Media‘ specialized in Content Development, Game Art & Character Designs, Allied Publications and Children Book Illustrations.

Apart from his commercial projects, he loves to paint as he says, “Painting is food for my Soul”. His research and perspective towards Hindu mythology has brought a major change in the Art-world. His paintings have gone vividly viral on social media sites giving him a new crown of success. 

He has proved himself on many grounds hence he has been honoured on numerous design platforms. He is being invited by colleges and companies to conduct Workshops & Seminars.

His journey towards his innovation continues…

Concept Arts

Character Designs

Mythological Series


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